360 Vision

“To continually increase participation levels in beach & watersports by being the best beach front destination in Wales.”

360 Beach & Watersports was borne out of the vision for Swansea Bay becoming a Centre of Excellence for Water Sport.  A purpose built centre located in the St Helens area.  360 Beach and Watersports is the culmination of an evolutionary partnership between Swansea University and Bay leisure Ltd. The partnership aims to drive inclusivity and accessibility for all through sports, physical activity and social opportunity – thus embedding education, well-being and lifelong learning into the community.  360 is committed to help Swansea realise its ambition of being one of the UK’s leading cities in which to live, study and play.

360 Beach and Watersports Centre Management

Kate Hannington – Centre Manager

Kate Hannington“At the age of 10 I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to try dinghy sailing at a watersports centre local to where I grew up, from that day forward I was hooked. As a child I progressed to dinghy racing at National level and by 19 I held my dinghy sailing, catamaran, keelboat, windsurf and kayak instructor qualifications which allowed me to ‘live the dream’ teaching watersports in the Caribbean, America & throughout Europe. Since leaving University I have added to my watersports qualifications, which now include senior sailing instructor, powerboat Instructor and Yacht master.  I have also spent 5 winter seasons working as an operations manager for various tour operators in the French Alps.  These roles involved overseeing the management of a large number of hotels, bars, restaurants and staff in numerous ski resorts.  For my last 3 years within the watersports industry I was manager of one of the world’s largest watersports centres and yacht bases.  Working in the watersports, leisure & tourism industry for the past 12 years has taught me the importance of customer service and the need to exceed expectations.  Had it not been for that first introduction into the sport of sailing I would not be here now, excited and passionate about the opening and on-going development of 360 Beach & Watersports”.